Your presence on this page is so highly appreciated. I genuinely believe that no one (and absolutely no one) walks into a space like this until they are ready to give themselves the love they deserve. So let’s begin this by giving ourselves a big squeeze – because you have already covered base one by appearing here, yay! 

Now, if you are here, I am assuming you are seeking extra support in your journey of growth and leveling up. You have most likely hit a ceiling – meaning you have realized your big ass beautiful, magnificient potential and you finally know that there’s much more to be explored in your inner being – but perhaps you don’t know where to start or even how to continue further.

  • You are craving to taste your delicious essence of existence and identity. ‘Who am I?’ You might be asking yourself. 

  • You are hungry for freedom from parts of you which make you feel small and petty. 

  • You are starving to witness your true potential and cannot stop day dreaming about your wings. 

  • You have been seeing glimpses of this beautiful you but maybe you can’t exactly reach her or be her yet. . .

And this is sucking the life force out of you. . . 

Not Loving Yourself and embodying your true essence is costing you something

  • you spend your days waiting for ‘better days’ more than creating ‘better days’
  • you scroll through your instagram feed 50 times a day only to feel way unworthy to share your own gifts 
  • you go on shopping sprees and bingeing food to fix your happiness but it only ends up making you feel guilty (and broke and sick maybe) 
  • you lose out on love in relationships and friendships because of your own insecurity
  • you watch all these people making big relationship and financial shifts in their lives and you feel stuck because you can’t believe in yourself enough 
  • you are exhausted of fitting in and seeking validation and it is impacting your productivity, creativity, flow and energy 

And this feels awful, yes . . .

because this is not who you really are!

You are someone who knows that true magic is in this moment . . .

You are someone who knows that you are not just worthy or deserving of sharing their gifts, joy, laughter and happiness with the world – but also needed. 

You are someone who knows that true happiness is right in you and all the external indulgences are beautiful luxurious options but never necessity to your existence. 

You are someone who’s passionate about their health, wealth, relationships and well being. 

You know how magical life becomes when you embody your authenticity, confidence and creativity. 

You are willing to do more than just survive, 

You are willing to thrive. 

And you know angel, where it starts? 

Loving yourself!

awaken to self love:
a 21 day journal journey

“What we see outside is a manifestation of what’s inside”.

‘Awaken to Self Love’ is a powerful ebook course designed for you to tap into that love in your heart which activates magic in your life. In this 21 Day coaching guide, I will hold your hand and take you through THREE weeks of loving, gentle deep dive into your being-ness through a mix of spiritual and mindful practices.


The ebook is designed on my 3 step formula to start your self love journey. Although the path to knowing, finding and understanding yourself has been called complex, having travelled through the trajectories of the same, I can say, it’s anything but complex.  All it requires is love, patience and open mindedness.  Do have the three? 

Then you will absolutely love diving into this 3 step evolution: 


The e-book has elements of heart opening activations, inner child healing and mindset reprogramming to help you heal and claim your freedom. With a combination of modern spiritual practices and mindset techniques, this course is meant to shift the way you see yourself, which ultimately, leads to magical manifestations. 

what will you get

An 80+ page ebook with daily guidance + journal prompts + affirmations designed to take you through the three phases of awakening to self love in the coming 21 days

A free 21 day task list with exciting actionable ideas to fill your daily routine with elements of inner peace, confidence and flow now and beyond.

3 X meditations recorded by me to guide you through these phases of evolution each week with elements of activation, healing and visualization. 

24*7 access to Personal support throughout the course to me via e-mail and direct messaging. Ask questions or seek guidance on your journey directly from me.

A comprehensive resource list linked with recommended sound healing frequencies + audio affirmations + self love book suggestions + self love podcasts available online. 

The course structure along with supporting bonuses are meant to shift your mindset to a space where you not just feel one with yourself but also become a confident creator of your own reality.

This ebook course will activate magic in your life simply because when we tap into that energy of divine, purest form of self love, our mindset shifts.

As our mindset shifts, we witness miracles like never before. The metaphysical textbook ‘A Course in Miracle says, “miracle is a shift in perspective’. 

When we love ourselves
  • we feel confident to show up 
  • we feel charged and energized to take actions
  • we manifest amazing opportunities from our magnetic energy of self love
  • we allow more love in all our connections and release the insecurity, comparison etc. 
  • we allow more ever flowing abundance and peace 

so if you're ready and willing to commit to your own self,

this offering at the price of a brunch is for you.